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Nov 27, 2015

With Heather on Maternity Leave, David and Adam recruit a new partner in crime-fighting, Adrienne Tyler, and they all head back into Hell's Kitchen to discuss the newest Netflix Original Series, Marvel's Jessica Jones.


Episode 1: AKA Ladies Night

Our previous knowledge of the character from the Alias comic book.

First impressions of Jessica

Why Jeri Hogarth's gender change works

Our reactions to some steamy scenes between Ms. Jones and Mr. Cage

The ethics of looking in your lover's medicine cabinet


Why the ending to the first episode was absolutely necessary

Our review of AKA Ladies Night as a pilot episode for the series


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Nov 25, 2015

In this episode, we welcome Vincent Minnucci from Lyrics Undercover, Geek or Die and HotsCast to discuss Aziz Ansari's new critically acclaimed comedy series from Netflix, Master of None

Master of None

We give our thoughts on each episode in chronological order

What's our Plan B?

Why David laughed when that chicken got served up for dinner

Has Heather ever stolen a jacket from a nightclub?

What Hollywood starlet dated the (Not) Indian guy from Short Circuit

Why Vince is envious of Adam and David's dating stories

Why David thought Nashville was the turning point for the series

Which host do we suspect does randy things on the subway to Boston?

Heather has a hormonal moment watching Old People

We talk about living with someone for the first time

Was the Finale a fulfilling end to the series


...and as always we give away our Who Dat and Series MVP awards!


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Nov 18, 2015

Heather, David and Adam sit down to talk about a number of topics with the charming and funny Kelvin Yu, who plays Brian Cheng on Netflix's critically acclaimed Original Series, Master of None.  

Kelvin talks to us about his early experiences as an actor, working to evolve past the stereotypical roles that are often offered to Asian-American actors and how he came to be part of both the Bob's Burgers creative team as well as appear on a groundbreaking series with Aziz Ansari. 

We also discuss how Netflix frees a show to take chances creatively, sharing scenes with Aziz, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe and Noel Wells, the Omnivore's Dilemma relation to the series and even which cast member was the first to inform him he was named the Guardian's "Crush of the Week"

We also talk a little bit about Kelvin's plans for the future and the prospects of a Season 2 for this hit series. 

Follow Kelvin on twitter @internetkelvin and visit the show at

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Nov 16, 2015

This week, we are joined by Mick Montgomery from Dead Fans Talking and the Super Heroic Show to talk about the first of the 5 series produced by Marvel for Netflix, Daredevil.


Marvel's Daredevil

Our prior experience with the character from comics and film

Why we all really liked this version

Heather and David haven't the Foggiest idea why they disagree

Adam and Mick wanted to see more from Ben Urich

The gang picks their favourite episodes

Hail to the Kingpin, Baby

And as always, we pick our Who Dat and Series MVP awards


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Nov 3, 2015

In this episode, we welcome podcaster and cosplayer, Serephita from and talk about Indiana's most unbreakable heroine, Kimmy Schmidt.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

What did we think of the concept behind the show?

Is Adam a Daddy's Boy or a Daddy's Boy's Daddy?

Did Serephita grow up in Durnsville?

Why you don't want to live next door to Heather's cult

David gets caught with his McFly down

Which host would enslave a dolphin and keep it in their bathtub

We declare our Series MVP 

...and lots of laughs as we recap and review this hit Netflix Original Series


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Oct 22, 2015

David, Heather and Adam pay a visit to Pablo in his self-designed prison and discuss the ending of Season 1, where they see the series going and who they felt was the Series MVP of Netflix's Original Series Narcos


Episode 9: La Catedral

What the gang's prison would look like

Did Pablo's lieutenant's really steal that $3 Million?

Are Murphy and Pena doing the right thing going to the press?


Episode 10: Despegue

Why was Murphy kidnapped?

Talking about the raid on the prison

Was there a better way to end the first season?


Series Wrap Up

Which actor did we watch for the first time that we want to see more of in the future

Series MVP goes down to the wire

Our thoughts on Season Two


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Intro Music: Extreme Parkour by Alex Grey

Outro Music: Chilean Flamenco by Andrea Bellina

Oct 12, 2015

We are thrilled to have a chance to talk to Zach Calig, part of the creative team that brought you the hit Netflix Original Series, Narcos.  Skype was a little choppy the day we recorded, but the insights Zach gave us more than made up for the audio challenges.

We talk about the process of writing a show based on real life characters and events, how binge watching Narcos is like doing lines of cocaine, and what prompts the decisions to streamline historical events for an hourly serialized drama.   

Zach gives us a view on what it was like writing Episode 7 "You Will Cry Tears of Blood", the true impact of Pablo Escobar's Avianca bombing, the kidnapping of Diana Turbay and why we don't meet the Cali Cartel at the beginning of the story.

In addition, Zach gives us a preview of an upcoming project he's working on "Of Kings and Prophets" for ABC and his experience writing for Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales comic.

Zach can be reached on twitter @zachcalig

For more information on Of Kings and Prophets, visit the ABC website

You can reach us at or follow us at @netfreaksshow

Oct 9, 2015

David, Heather and Adam continue to ride the Roller Coaster that is the story of the Medillin Cartel and Heather critiques Adam and David's microaggressions.


Episode 6: Explosivos

The end of the M-19 subplot (Thankfully)

Adam discusses Le Pays Basque

Gacha gets got


Episode 7: You Will Cry Tears of Blood

Everyone is moved by the Avianca disaster

Heather is going back to Cali

The story of Diana Turbay


Episode 8: La Gran Mentira

The gang investigates the Monaco car bombing

Retrospective on the Ochoa Brothers

Gustavo goes out a bandido


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Intro Music: Extreme Parkour by Alex Grey

Outro Music: Chilean Flamenco by Andrea Bellina

Oct 2, 2015

Adam and David have a chance to sit down with Juan Riedinger, who plays Carlos Lehder on Netflix's hit Original Series, Narcos.  

In this interview, we get a chance to discuss growing up in one of the most beautiful places on earth and what aspiring actors can do to break into the industry.

We also discuss the production of Narcos, Magical Realism, the thrill of flying a plane for the first time and having talames with Luis Guzman

You can reach Juan at and the show at

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Sep 23, 2015

David, Heather and Adam hide their pets because they're hanging out with Pablo, Gacha and the Ochoa brothers for more recap and discussion of Netflix's hit Original Series, Narcos


Episode 3: The Men of Always

Fifty Shades of Dave

PETA is no fan of this show

Mr. Escobar Goes to Bogota


Episode 4: The Palace in Flames

The Ethics of Colonel Carillo

Ellis McPickle presents the worst aliases of all time

Adam talks up the Sandinistas


Episode 5: There Will Be a Future

Heather goes deeper into the story of Manuel Noriega

The escalation of violence shocks everyone

The introduction of Cesar Gaviria


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Intro Music: Extreme Parkour by Alex Grey

Outro Music: Chilean Flamenco by Andrea Bellina

Sep 8, 2015

David, Heather and Adam decide they liked the 80's so much they'd hang around after Wet Hot American Summer and explore the rise of Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in the brand new Netflix Original Series, Narcos.

Episode 1: Descenso

What do we know about Pablo Escobar

How Iron Man going down on Ultron scared David straight

Heather Just Says No!

Episode 2: The Sword of Simon Bolivar

Our experiences crossing borders

Adam briefs us on 18th Century South American history

The treatment of Helena this episode


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Aug 31, 2015

In this episode, we welcome Wil Derringher from and talk about the prequel 15 years in the making, WHAS: First Day of Camp.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

The gang talks about their camp memories growing up

Which of the characters would we be?

Dave, Heather, Adam and Wil recap their favourite subplots from the show

Our overall impressions of the movie and the series

We play Seven Minutes in Heaven!


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Aug 23, 2015

David, Heather and Adam wrap up their review of Netflix's period drama, Marco Polo.  We share our thoughts on the series as a whole, and make predictions of what's to come in Season 2!

Episode 8: Rendering

Sisters are doin' it for themselves!

David decides to go all-in on Team Sidao

Did the Mongols really boil people down for oil?  Heather lets us know.

Episode 9: Prisoners

Khan screaming "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Adam talks about the uses of gunpowder during this period

Was this the best episode of the series?

Episode 10: The Heavenly and the Primal

Or was this the best episode of the series?

Our review of the climactic battle

We award the first Tod Browning Award for Series MVP, which actors really impressed us, and what we see happening in Season 2!

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Aug 11, 2015

David, Heather and Adam imagine what it would be like to go to High School Mongol-style, we get some information on the White Moon festival, the friction between Kublai and Kaidu's families and David switches sides.

Episode 6: White Moon 

A new perspective on the Blue Princess

Heather's BFF got trampled by horses, David's hot for teacher, and Adam dons a Lucha Libre mask to impress his high school crush.

The gang theorizes on who was behind Kublai's assassination attempt

Episode 7: The Scholar's Pen

Free Mei Lin!

David joins Team Sicao

Heather crane kicks Adam's theory on the Hundred Eyes-Jia Sidao fight

You can reach us on Twitter @netfreaksshow or email us at



Jul 27, 2015

David, Heather and Adam fall for Khutulun, really start to hate Jia Sidao and "hash" out their differences regarding Episode Five.


Episode Three: Feast

In what areas have our hosts attained 'Kung Fu'?

Has flossing ever been more fun?

Did Khutulun and Marco go all the way?


Episode Four: The Fourth Step

Are we warming up to Jingim?

What animal would you leave in pouch for your ex to find?

The Chancellor Strikes Back


Episode Five: Hashashin

Adam comes clean on his ninja snobbery

Detective Polo and Byamba aren't very subtle

Worst episode of the series so far?


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Jul 20, 2015

NetFreaks launches and fireworks ensue as David, Heather and Adam review the first two episodes of Netflix's period drama, Marco Polo.

Episode 1: The Wayfarer

If you had to fight one animal in your dojo, which one would it be?

What would be in your Hall of Five Desires?

We finally get a name for Heather's new nightclub

Episode 2: The Wolf and the Deer

Why does David keep calling Empress Chabi, Chiba?

Mei Lin rocks!

Are Mongols descended from Klingons?

You can reach us on twitter @netfreaksshow or you can e-mail us at

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